100 Gallon steam jacketed double motion kettle in stock in CA

100 Gallon steam jacketed double motion kettle in stock in CA

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*Hemispherical style kettle.

*Sanitary configuration.

*Constructed of stainless steel, 304 type, with 316 type product contact areas.

*Steam jacket is ASME-U Stamped at 90 Psi and NB registered.  Equipped with steam in, condensate out.

*With safety grate and flush mount RTD sensor

*Kettle body to have Tri‐Leg configuration with flanged feet.

*Kettle body to have 2-3" center bottom ball valve discharge.

*Agitation is UL listed brand and bridge mounted and have Tri‐Clamp type additive ports.  Main agitation to be single motion, side and bottom scraped surface type.

*Come with the secondary agitation, it is paddle type configuration.

*Stainless steel, hinged cover on both sides.

*With control panel.


Serial NumberKettle-100
Stock Number1
ConstructionSS316 for food contact area, SS304 for other parts with #4 finish.
Heat transfer surfaceSphericak jacket heating rated at 90 Psi with ASME-U stamped and NB registered. CRN Optional.
After-sales service2 Year warranty
CIP cleaningSpray balls
AgitatorCoaxial doubel agitators, one is scraper balde type, another is paddle type.
DriveUL listed drive
ControllerWith control panel.
SafetyWith safety grate.
DischargeFlush mount ball valve, Pneumatic operate optional
Termperature sensorFlush mount RTD sensor
Packing size51"*51"*93" 1653lbs
OptionalsBrake wheels