Jacketed Kettle

Jacketed Kettle

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We Hongda America Corp provide equipment design & customization services. Our products can provide the ASME/CE/CRN/AS certification. The useage of products: Steam jasketed kettles is widely used in heating products such as soup, sauces, sessert, braising meats and rice. Steam jacketed kettles apply heat both at the bottom and the sides of the tank, resulting in much faster in food heating. Fully two thirds of the cooking surface comes into contact with the products. And a tilting modeal allow for easy handling for both the dispensing of food and liquid, as well as easier cleaning. Working principle: The design of the steam kettle makes heating and cooking very efficient and fast. Kettles have a double wall or “jacket” covering the bottom and at least half the height of the sides, to provide space for steam to circulate, thereby heating the cooking surface. Typically steam is introduced to the kettle and circulated through the jacket to deliver the heat for processing. The use of steam as the heating medium has many advantages: uniform heating, rapid heat transfer and easy control of the heating rate through a steam valve. Steam can be supplied to the kettle by an independent boiler through a pressurized pipe. Structural characteristics: The contact part between the main equipment and liquid is made of high quality stainless steel. The surface in contact with the liquid is polished smooth, clean, and beautiful in line with GMP requirements. It is composed of cylinder, jacket, external insulation and mixing system, forming a heating and heat transfer interlayer. The materials are added to the container, steam enters the jacket, carrying out heat exchanging to achieve the purpose of dissolving and cooking. The pipe connected with the container mezzanine is equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve, so as to determine the pressure in the container jacket. Motor:SEW or Nord. Material:304 or 316 Stainless Steel Finish:high-polished sanitary finish Legs:Adjustable stainless steel legs


Interior construction304 or 316 Stainless Steel, with #4 finish.
Exterior construction304 Stainless Steel, with #4 finish.
Heat transfer surfaceSpherical jacket heating, adding side heating is optional, rated for 90 psi.
StructureTilting type, vertical structure, adopted with stirring and without stirring according to the process.
Vertical agitationSingle or double agitator. Adjustable anti-vortex baffle.
MotorSEW or Nord.
Tank topDouble open hinged lids, CIP cleaning.
Tank bottomSphere and center outlet.
Inlet/outlet portsSanitary clamp connections.
LegsAdjustable stainless steel legs.
ApplicationStainless steel jacketed kettle mainly used for mixing or cooking food, size range from 100 to 800 gallons.